Sunset Baby
Rickie Zahir, Eddie Oliver, P. Waterz
August 9, 2019
8:00 pm
The Creators Vision

It’s been said that a little girl learns how a man is supposed to treat her from her father. Sunset Baby by Dominique Morisseau tells the story of the heartbreaking lessons Nina, a tough, uncompromising street hustler, has learned from her father. The takeaways…love abandons, caring hurts and people are unreliable…leaving her unforgiving, relentless and fierce. When Kenyatta, her estranged father, comes looking for redemption and more, the letters Nina’s dead mother and “the supposed love of his life” left, what he finds is Nina’s visceral anger and no room for compassion. Sunset Baby is where urban meets revolution, rhythm meets blues, and escape is the final lesson.

Presented by Unboxed Productions Morisseau’s smart, entertaining and moving story about family, survival and the nature of liberation is “not only dynamic, it’s dynamite” (The New York Times).